Paying the Wrong People

Buying a house can be a beautiful experience or one that leaves you with nasty memories depending on how you eventually decide to go about it. The fact that you have money to buy a house is not enough to contact a random real estate agent and hand the money over to him/her. Below are some home buyer horror stories from Nigerians which will highlight some of the things you should look out for when buying a house.

Paying the Wrong People


Chioma in Lagos decided to buy a piece of land in Sangotedo. She did and when it was time to start construction, she paid workers to commence work but this was when trouble reared its ugly head. A strange set of people suddenly confronted her and openly accused her of encroaching their property. She explained to them that she has actually acquired the land from a certain Bisiriyu family. She even went as far as showing them the receipt and deed of assignment for the land. She eventually, later discovered that she had acquired the land from fraudsters who had posed as the Bisiriyu family. She had been scammed.

She got the crooks arrested but after some time, they were released. The genuine Bisiriyu family gave her the option of buying the land all over again or vacating the property. Sadly, she had spent about N10 million already on buying the land, getting documentation, fencing the land and a bit of rafting. She was stuck.

Planning to buy a House? Learn From Nigerians Home Buyer Horror Stories


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