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The Way Forward

To tackle this scourge, the government approved a 21-year jail sentence for anyone charged and found guilty of land grabbing. The State House of Assembly also pulled its weight by prohibiting forceful entry and illegal occupation of land in a state.

Over the years, the government has been concerned by the menace of ‘Omo Oniles’ and land grabbers and has made it clear that this would not be tolerated.

If you ever find yourself confronted by ‘Omo Oniles,’ you should gather evidence and forward them to security agencies to take action.

Before you pay for any land, it is important to carry out a thorough research, work on proper documentation and verify the status of the property you are interested in before making any form of payment or commitment. Endeavour to go through the ideal validation of title from the state’s land registry.

Working with a trusted real estate agent like IAB Property AGent will also saves you a lot of trouble as they have more experience in dealing with land.

We will help you find out which land is safe to buy and the ones you should avoid.

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