Chased Away From Your Own Property by Miscreants

Chased Away From Your Own Property by Miscreants

Buying a house can be a beautiful experience or one that leaves you with nasty memories depending on how you eventually decide to go about it. The fact that you have money to buy a house is not enough to contact a random real estate agent and hand the money over to him/her. Below are some home buyer horror stories from Nigerians which will highlight some of the things you should look out for when buying a house.

When it comes to home buyer horror stories, Ajibade considers himself a big victim. In 2012, he acquired a plot of land in Ikorodu, developed the foundation of the property and even went ahead to mount a perimeter fence around his property as well as a gate.

His plan was to own his own house and he believed that the perimeter fence and gate would help him continue his construction works and avoid any unnecessary attention to the building he was erecting behind the walls he has erected.

Barely after the completion of the first phase of his building project, Ajibade lost his property. While he was away from his property, information from a reliable source reached him about some strange men taking over his property and even going as far as helping him build the house up to the lintel stage within a very short space of time.

Ajibade was shocked and in a swift reaction, he got into his car and headed for his site. For safety, he had asked two other people to accompany him. When he got there, what he discovered was terrible. The information he received was not only true but it was so bad that he and his companions had to abandon the car and fled for their lives as they were chased by ‘Omo Oniles’ visibly wielding dangerous weapons.

They chased them and they ran as fast as their legs would carry them until they were sure they were no longer being pursued. His dar was eventually retrieved but those who sold the land to him could only assure him of another plot of land elsewhere as compensation, which he refused.

He requested a refund of the money he had spent on the property but never got it. Instead, he only received a pittance and that was the end of what was once his property.

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